Tips for Selling Your Home Decor Online

February 07, 2021

Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture and Decor Online

So, you’re ready to revamp your home for the new year and invest in some new décor? The next question is, what do you do with your current furniture? Whether you are using it or have been storing it, chances are you don’t want to just toss your stuff in the trash, nor should you!

If you are hoping to get some cash for your pieces but are not sure where to start, I am going to fill you in on some tips I have learned over the years on how to get the most for your décor.

Clean it. This first step might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the condition of some of the things you see on reselling sites. Wipe off any dust or debris and use an appropriate cleaner or polish to ensure it is looking its best. This easy step will make whatever you are selling instantly more appealing to buyers.

Tip: Stage your furniture photos to show each piece at its best

Set the stage. Instead of just taking photos of the item alone against a wall, try staging a photo with other pieces to give it a styled look. Add some books and candlesticks to a coffee table or console and position it by your sofa, or pair an end table with a nice chair and lamp.

This is an often-overlooked step that can help you move your furniture more quickly. Allowing people to see the piece in a fully decorated space helps them to visualize it in their own. You still need to take close-up photos of the item, but also make sure to get a wider shot to showcase it in the room.

Be honest and detailed. Your first instinct may be to not highlight any flaws, such as scratches, dents, or chips in the furniture. However, that is exactly what you should do. Make sure to disclose any damage and be honest about the condition the piece is in. You also want to include as much detail about the piece as possible, making sure to note colors, finishes, materials, and anything not obvious from the photos.

Just because there are some imperfections or unique qualities does not mean someone will not want it, but you don’t want the buyer to back out on sight. Anyone buying used home décor online is going to be cautious, and it is never a good idea to falsely advertise and create an issue with the buyer.

Tip: Be honest about the condition your furniture is in

Be reasonable. Before you decide on a sell price, you should do some research. If you don’t remember what you paid for it, try to find out what it would be worth brand new. Then be realistic about what you should sell it for based on how old it is, how much use it has seen, and the condition it is in.

If you have a firm sell price, make sure it is fair and list that clearly in the posting. If you are willing to negotiate, have a price in mind of what you will not go below. Keep your rock-bottom price to yourself, but this helps avoid uncomfortable bargaining situations.

Choose Platforms Wisely. Different websites work better depending on what you are selling, what your goal is, and the experience you have. If you are new to re-selling online, I would suggest starting with one simple-to-use platform.

Facebook Marketplace is a good option for beginners looking to sell locally. More experienced sellers may find success with Etsy or eBay, and those looking to quickly unload something for a low price should try Craigslist. The options today are endless, so research what sites are best for your needs.

Be safe. Giving away your address to a total stranger can be a scary thing, so be cautious before doing so. If you live alone try to arrange to meet at an agreed upon location if possible or ask a friend to come over for the sale.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other obvious safety precautions, the elephant in the room. In the world of Covid-19, make sure to practice social distancing and mask wearing. You can also work out a contactless exchange by leaving the item on a porch or outside and receiving funds electronically.

Do you have any great tips for helping to sell your home décor online? Feel free to shoot me a message, and happy selling ya’ll!

-Ashley Turner

Tip: Choose your platform wisely, and keep safety in mind

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