Lennon - 8-Light Iron Orb Chandelier

HAND CRAFTED – This gorgeous iron and glass pendant chandelier has been handmade by people who care. It's been designed to match every decorating style from contemporary to traditional - rustic to steampunk - and casts a beautiful halo of light.

DURABLE IRON AND GLASS – The bell-shaped pendant is constructed from clear glass with a smooth finish that lets light radiate beautifully. The glass shade is securely kept in place with durable iron in a brassy amber tone. Built from high-quality materials, this lamp is designed to last years into the future.

BRING WAREHOUSE LIGHTING HOME – It's great to have many choices about how to light your home. Cluster several of these drop lamps in a large room with a high ceiling. Use the entire length of the cord to position the bottom of the lamp 4.9 feet down. The cable is flexible and adjustable so you can move the fixture up or down upon preference.

SPECIFICATIONS – The 9-inch diameter glass shade showcases the color of the bulb you place inside. The fixture takes a 40-watt LED bulb and has been wired to be compatible with dimmer switches so you can switch from a bright work light to intimate mood lighting at the flick of a switch.