About Us

A common question we get asked by our customers is, “How did A Touch of Design come to be?” Since our story is unique, we thought it might be nice to share it here.

With our founders having a history in real estate, property renovation, and interior design, we were outsourcing our home furnishings for years. Our experiences as buyers always left us feeling underwhelmed with our options.

In our eyes, there was a gap in the marketplace, and we decided we needed to fill it. We were constantly on the hunt for pieces that were “ahead of the curve,” so to speak. We wanted to use unique décor in our projects, not the same mass-produced stuff you see everywhere. We also struggled to find the consistent quality we demanded and expected as customers ourselves.

So, we turned our pain into our passion project. We created the company we were searching for. By creating a team of people with different experiences related to the home décor industry, we have been able to adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic market. We work hard year-round to stay on top of the trends and add unique and stylish pieces to our collections. We also keep checks in place to ensure we are maintaining our standard of quality with our suppliers. Our goal is to be a company we would have been excited to buy from in our earlier days.

We think we have succeeded; we hope you agree!