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We Want To Hear From YOU!

At A Touch of Design, our customers have and will always be our top priority. We not only value your opinions, but they help us fine-tune our vision as we grow. So, if you are reading this, we want to say thank you, and take this opportunity to ask you for your thoughts.

Whether you are a current or prospective customer, or just stumbled upon this post, we would love to hear from you! Tell us what you love, if there is anything you would change, or what you would like to see more of.

Do you find our website to be user-friendly and easy-to-navigate? What styles of décor are your favorites, and what should we begin to feature as we expand our lines? What do you want to read about in our blog posts?

More importantly, how do we measure up with regards to customer service? Our goal is to provide ease of ordering, fast and efficient shipping, and rapid responses to inquiries. Through our experiences with our customers we have come to realize that no matter what we design, produce, and deliver, poor customer service can overshadow it all. On the contrary, stellar customer service can keep customers loyal even when there are bumps in the road.

Recently, we had a shipment arrive to a customer that was damaged in transit by the carrier. While technically this was not our error, we take full responsibility for our shipments, and we took action to correct the issue and make it right. This customer was so satisfied with our response and attention to fixing the problem that he wrote us a wonderful review and sent us a feedback email thanking us profusely. He let us know how much he appreciated feeling heard as a consumer, and it forced us to remember how valuable consumer feedback is.

We get some of our best ideas from our customers and, at the end of the day, we would not be where we are without you all. Please email with your comments or questions, and maybe you will see your ideas here soon!