7 Bathroom Trends for 2020

June 28, 2020

In recent years, there has been a shift in bathroom decor from purely functional to a more Zen, peaceful space. Bathrooms always top the list of rooms people want to update or renovate, and if you are looking for inspiration, you came to the right place. Here, we touch on 7 of the best bathroom trends we have seen thus far in 2020 that will be here to stay.

Dark Color Palettes

We have been seeing a shift from all-white bathrooms to rich colors like navy, charcoal, and even black. Going with deeper colors is a surprisingly fresh update that lends to a luxurious and relaxing vibe.

Updated Hardware

An easy way to change the look of your bathroom is to swap out the fixtures and hardware. Brass and matte black have been popping up in bathrooms all over and can instantly update your space.


               We are starting to see marble turn up in new places other than just countertops. Shower stalls, flooring, and even entire walls are using this opulent stone to create interesting focal points.

Floating Vanities

               As opposed to freestanding vanities, floating vanities offer a modern and streamlined look. They give you versatility in terms of placement, and they allow for wall-mounted faucets, which is another modern update.

Bold Tile

               Unusual and unique tile has become popular and includes adventurous colors as well as interesting shapes, such as hexagonal and scalloped designs. You can incorporate in a backsplash or add a strip of mosaics to accent your shower. And if you are feeling really bold, use a fun tile on an entire wall, or even the floor, of a small powder bath!

Asymmetrical Mirrors

               Asymmetrical and geometric-shaped mirrors are an unexpected way that updates the look of your bathroom while simultaneously pairing well with many types of vanities. We have seen both single-asymmetrical mirrors or groupings of mirrors depending on the space.

Modern Lighting

               Gone are the days of traditional bell-shaped frosted-glass vanity lights. Feel free to get creative with different materials like wood and natural stone, incorporating pendant lights or chandeliers while mixing and matching different lighting options.

               These 7 trends aren’t the only changes we’re seeing in the bathroom décor world, but they are some of the most significant. Did we miss something? Reach out to us and tell us what changes you’re making to your bathrooms this year.

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