Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

November 18, 2021

Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while it might look a little different this year, it just would not be the same without a beautiful and inviting tablescape. You probably have your home decked out in fall décor by now, but have you decided how you will arrange your table for the holiday?

Other than spending time with loved ones, I think we can agree everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the delicious food and drink. The best way to showcase this fare is with a festive table display. 

Choose a color scheme. The best place to start is deciding which colors to incorporate, this will help you choose and eliminate certain pieces of décor. You can always go classic and use tones of orange, red, and yellow, or go in the other direction and keep everything neutral using beiges, taupes, and creams. Looking for something more outside the box? Try a black and white color palette, with a splash of orange. It’s a fresh take on the holiday and surprisingly easy to pull off.

Use a table runner. Instead of laying down a traditional tablecloth, go with a table runner for a much more updated look. You can purchase one or create an easy custom DIY runner using some burlap, lace, or other fabric.

Include natural elements. While your first instinct might be to grab your best candlesticks and knick-knacks, try including several natural elements on your table. Pumpkins are an obvious but welcome choice, as well as some more unexpected options such as tree-stump trivets, acorns, foliage, fruits, and flowers. 

You can even create mini pumpkin succulent planters for each guest by hollowing out a small pumpkin and adding soil and succulents. These can also serve double duty as not only stunning table décor, but place settings your guests can take as party favors. 

Dust off the good china. If the holidays are not a good enough excuse to break out your wedding china or family heirloom tableware, then what is? Take the opportunity to use those beautiful pieces that you save for special occasions. This will instantly make your tablescape look much more polished and festive.

Hopefully, these tips will get your creativity flowing! We would love to see photos of your Thanksgiving tables, so feel free to send them our way!

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