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Holiday Decorating Tips

December 06, 2020

Holiday Decorating Tips

'Tis the season for lights, wreaths, and holiday cheer! As the temperature drops and you prepare your home for the season, we have some decorating tips for you. Whether you are decorating for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we have some ideas to help you achieve a “holiday chic” aesthetic.

Color Scheme. First things first, you want to start by choosing a color scheme and sticking to it. Whether you decide to go with neutrals like gold and cream, blue and white, or red and green, keep it consistent throughout your décor. Too many colors will create a chaotic look and could even look tacky. If you cannot choose just one color scheme, make sure each room stays on theme.

Swap Your Typical Décor. Instead of keeping your everyday knick-knacks and décor, try removing some to avoid clutter. You don’t have to put it all away but be thoughtful about what you keep on display and what you store temporarily. By packing away some of your pieces, you create more space for your festive décor.

Shop off-season. If you are looking to purchase some new décor for your home, a good time to do this is after the holiday or long before. Holiday décor can get expensive, so this is a great way to get quality pieces for a discounted price. Investing in some great pieces will ensure they stand the test of time.

Integrate heirlooms.  You might be compelled to tuck away your grandmother’s vintage ceramic tree or antique menorah, but think again. Find a way to showcase your most beloved inherited items, and it will radiant warmth throughout the space. They also make great conversation pieces for guests!

Try some DIY. Some of the most memorable décor I have seen has been hand crafted by the owner. Wreaths, ornaments, garland, and more are super easy to create on your own and can be fun to make. If you can’t find quite what you are looking for, crafting it yourself is the perfect creative solution!

Do you have any fun holiday decorating tips? Let us know how you like to deck the halls!

Christmas mantel detail with velvet stockings
White Christmas Tree with Light Curtain in Loft
Christmas Tree and Lighted Mantel with Fire in the Fireplace

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