Choosing Your Design Style

July 19, 2020

When decorating or renovating, it helps to have an idea of what look you are trying to achieve. By defining which aesthetic, you gravitate towards most, you can make the process a whole lot easier!

You might hear certain design terms and not be completely sure what they mean. Don’t worry, there are many, many different styles out there and keeping track of them all can be difficult. Below we break down a few of the most popular design styles to help you decide which works for you:


Traditional design style is classic and timeless. You will see dark wood, a lot of detail and mixed textures. It tends to have a European flair and is still one of the most popular styles.


In modern design, you will see clean lines, stark contrast and minimal accessories. Large art tends to be the focal point, alongside metal, glass and sleek finishing touches.


Transitional décor is a blend between traditional and modern, so you will see elements of both. This is a great choice if you like classic décor but want an updated feel.

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse design has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and has a lot of the characteristics of traditional farmhouse with newer trends mixed in. Think sliding barn doors, wagon wheel chandeliers and shiplap alongside mixed metals, modern kitchens and open floor plans.


Eclectic interiors tend to have a culturally rich and worldly feel to them. Layering different types of décor and design styles from across the globe while keeping a minimalistic vibe is key.


Industrial design tends to focus on materials like brick, concrete and metal, often being exposed and part of the décor. Warm touches of fabric and artwork can help balance the masculine features of this design style.      



Coastal style usually features a clean, crisp color palette consisting of white, beiges, blues and greens. Giving off a sophisticated beachy vibe, you will also tend to find nautical touches and wood accents.


Bohemian décor can be associated with a free-spirited mentality. Mixing and matching patterns, bold colors and different styles with interesting art pieces and trinkets give Bohemian interiors an easy breezy feel.

Another way to help you narrow in on what your personal taste might be, is to take a quiz! There are plenty of design style quizzes online that can help guide you in the right direction.

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