DIY Renovation Tips

September 06, 2020

DIY Renovation Tips for Do It Yourself Home Projects

With so many of us being home more often, or even working from home, there has been a steady increase in DIY, or “Do It Yourself,” home improvements. For some, this may be simply changing out a light fixture or piece of furniture, while others may be doing complete overhauls of their kitchens or baths.

To help people doing these DIY projects, we’ve compiled a list of some pointers. Read on for some expert tips and tricks to help you navigate through the world of DIY.

Create a plan. Before you begin a project, whether it be big or small, decide on a clear plan. Are you only updating the lighting in your living room? Are you redecorating the entire first floor? It is easy to get carried away when you don’t have a plan in place.

Know your style. Take your planning a step further by deciding what look or aesthetic you are going for. The décor or materials you are shopping for depend greatly on the design style you are hoping to achieve. Create a look book or inspiration board with paint swatches, material samples, and photos of décor you love.

Keep the flow. While you don’t want every room in your home to look the same, you also don’t want it to feel like a mismatched hodgepodge either. Try keeping a few colors consistent from room to room and try to keep your design style similar across your home. Try using similar lighting fixtures to tie adjoining rooms together.

Set a realistic budget. Home renovations tend to have a reputation for going over budget. If you don’t set a budget, it is impossible to stick to one. People typically underestimate how much not only materials will cost, but also labor. Do your research on different materials and costs of what you need for your project. This will help you stay on budget more easily.

Know when to hire. Everyone has different skill sets. You may know your way around a screwdriver or hammer, but installing electrical wiring is a whole different ballgame. Professionals exist for a reason, so before you tackle a job make sure you can do it properly and safely by yourself. If not, hire a skilled professional to handle it…trust me.


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