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Grandmillennial Style

November 15, 2020

Grandmillennial Style

Some of you might be asking, “What is grandmillennial style?” That is probably because it is a rather new term to describe a certain design aesthetic. It is also referred to sometimes as “granny chic,” and while you may not be familiar with it yet, you will want to read on to learn about it, because it will likely stick around for a while.

This modern twist on an old-fashioned design style aims to bring back some life into vintage décor and furniture. Contrary to the name, this is not your grandmother’s style. It borrows bits and pieces from years past while blending modern furnishings to create unique looks.

My mother (and probably yours too) always said, “Everything that goes out of style, comes back in eventually.” As much as I don’t like to admit it, she is on to something there. Trends, whether it be fashion, make-up, or home décor, are very much cyclical. They may not come back the same exact way they began, but usually with a new twist.

Design experts say this new trend stems from millennials wanting something different from the modern, clean, cookie cutter looks that have been popular for years. This style allows more personality and individuality to come through.

Well, what does grandmillennial style look like? Think updated floral wallpaper, mixed patterns, comfy fabrics and textures, and quirky art. The nice thing about this style is it’s flexible and relatively easy to pull off. Make sure you choose a color palette, and stick to it, to avoid a cluttered, chaotic look.

You can achieve this style while keeping your larger investment pieces. The home accessories and accent pieces can really make this style pop. Try a rattan pendant light over your kitchen island or an antique gold clock on your mantle. Or add in a rustic wooden mirror to add some character to your otherwise modern living space. 

You can start small and add on as you wish. The key here is to give your home some personality and not worry so much about the rules of home décor. Mix and match the new and the old and choose pieces that truly reflect your personality!

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