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January 31, 2021

Home Decor Hacks Ideas - How to Be Stylish on a Budget

Since I love all things home décor, I am always on the lookout for new and creative ways to decorate my home. Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure by now you have seen or read about all different types of “hacks.” A hack is quite simply a tip that is designed to provide you with a creative solution to a problem or issue you might have. 

Sometimes a great hack is so simple, but you just may never have thought of it. Home décor hacks are all about finding creative but easy ways to style your space. I have gathered a list here of my favorite home décor hacks to make your home beautiful and feel more uniquely you!

Home Decor Hacks - Hanging Mirrors Stylishly with Rope

DIY rope mirror. You may have seen mirrors hanging by rope popping up everywhere. This style is very “on trend” right now. The rope adds a rustic touch and helps to style a space. You can easily create this look on your own by simply attaching rope to a mirror you would like to hang. You can add some hooks to the back or the sides and use a decorative knob attached to the wall at the top to hang it from.

Use old books to hide unsightly items. No one likes to have wires, cords, or routers on display for everyone to see. They look messy and haphazard and take focus away from your carefully chosen décor. Use old books you might have tucked away, or visit a used bookstore and remove the pages so you’re just left with the outer cover, to cover these areas up. This hack works great for things like routers and modems. Or you can stack multiple books, glue them together, and remove the covers in the midsection to hide larger items.

Cluster Small Mirrors to Fill A Space Stylishly

Cluster small mirrors. Not sure what to do with a blank wall? Try clustering a bunch of smaller mirrors together to create a mirror “gallery” instead of one large mirror. This not only looks edgy and cool but is less expensive and creates the illusion of more space and light in that room. You can keep it more traditional by using the same shape and color for them all, or you can create an eclectic vibe by using different shapes and finishes.

Use ribbons to hang your curtains. If you have grommet style curtains, a fun and easy way to update your window treatments is to use ribbons to hang your curtains. Decide how much ribbon you will need to loop through and tie a neat bow and cut identical sized pieces for all the grommets. You can choose any fabric, color, and pattern to tie into your decor. It will add interest to the room as well as length to your curtains, which visually heightens a room!

Design Hack - Use Colorful Washi Tape to Create Wall Art

Washi tape wall décor. If you are looking for an inexpensive and fun way to create an accent wall without the commitment, this hack is for you. Washi tape comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and wont damage your paint. Geometric patterns are super chic for an accent wall, and Pinterest has tons of fun ideas.

Change up your headboard. A headboard can easily be the focal point of any bedroom, so if yours needs an update, we have some ideas for you.  You can create a custom look by adding nail-head detail around the edges or in a pattern throughout. Or drape a beautiful throw blanket or tapestry over it to give it some style. If you are looking to add a headboard or completely replace yours, think outside the box. Old wooden doors or windows make the perfect shabby chic headboards.

These are just some of my favorite home décor hacks, but certainly does not cover all the great ones out there. Do you have any home décor hacks you want to share? As always, we love to hear from you!

Ashley Turner

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