How To Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

July 05, 2020

Many homeowners struggle with how to make their small bathroom seem larger without expanding its footprint. But by using some creative design tips and tricks, you can open up and transform your space.

Utilize Natural Light

If your bathroom has any windows, make sure that you take advantage of the natural light and do not obstruct them. Instead, opt for sheer window coverings, or nothing at all, to help make your bathroom as sun-drenched as possible.

All-White Color Palette

Bright white everywhere always makes any room feel more spacious, so why not use this trick in your small bathroom? Keeping your floors, walls, vanity, and ceiling all white will visually grow your space. You can still add interest by playing with materials, tile patterns and textures.

Floating Vanities

Choosing a floating vanity instead of a freestanding or pedestal sink helps to make your bathroom look more streamlined and less cluttered. It frees up the space underneath and takes up less room while still offering storage.

Tile to the Ceiling

Instead of tiling half of the wall, use tile on an entire wall or on all walls. This tricks the eye into thinking the ceilings are higher and the room is larger.

Clear Glass Shower Walls

 Another way to make your bathroom feel airy is to keep the shower walls simple. Clear glass does not obstruct views and extends the space. Shower curtains create a barrier that makes the room feel more cramped.

Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors make any room feel bigger and the bathroom is no exception. By choosing an oversized mirror, it visually creates space and accentuates any natural light as well.

 Have you tried any of these tips or have any tricks that we missed? Even better, send us a photo of your bathroom before-and-after and we may feature yours!

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