How to Mix and Match Your Lighting

August 02, 2020

How to Mix and Match Your Lighting

With so many amazing lighting options and styles on the market today, how can you select different options that work together, while avoiding the dreaded “matchy-matchy” look? Keep reading for some great tips!

To keep the flow between areas or even room-to-room, make sure to keep some commonality between lights. If you keep all your lighting in the farmhouse style, that is an easy way to create a streamlined aesthetic. Or, try keeping one material consistent throughout your lighting, so if they all have a similar glass or metal tone, that will tie everything together.

If you want to mix up the materials between lights, keep the overall shape of the lighting similar throughout. The basic idea here is maintaining at least one similar characteristic between your lighting selections. This will give your space a cohesive design-style, but also keep it interesting!

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