Introducing Our New Collection!

September 20, 2020

Introducing Our New Collection!

We have been patiently waiting to reveal to all of you some of the new items we have hand-selected to add to our home décor collection! Our goal is to continuously update and expand our lines, and we have just added some beautiful accent pieces we think you will love. Read on for some info and photos of our newest items from our Luxe Line.

Our all-new line includes gorgeous wall mirrors, bar carts, end tables, stools, and wall clocks. This collection features metal accents in gold, pewter, and antique black that can be used in many design aesthetics ranging from glam to rustic to industrial. Keeping the color palette of the collection neutral yet unique makes it extremely versatile.

Introducing Our New Luxe Line Home Decor Collection

Accent décor pieces are crucial in making your space feel “put together” or “done.” A few well-chosen items can take a boring living room or tired office and make it pop! Some of our favorites are the clock-end tables, which instantly add interest to a space and are a great conversation piece.

These are just a few pieces from the collection but look at the rest in our home décor section above. Let us know what you think and if you have any items you would like to see in our next collection!

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