Lighting Trends for 2021

January 17, 2021

Lighting Trends for 2021

With a new year upon us comes exciting new trends in the interior design world. Each year, designers in the industry use their expertise to select their favorite home décor trends for the new year. 

Lighting is such an integral part of your overall design aesthetic as it serves not only for function but style as well. It is even more important during winter months when everyone spends more time indoors and natural light is scarce. 

Which styles, materials, and colors will be popping up in homes everywhere? We have compiled a list of the top lighting trends of 2021 for you, so if you are looking to switch up your fixtures, we’ve got you covered! 

Brass. While seen in years past as dated and out of touch, brass is making a comeback this year. Updated styles of chandeliers, sconces, and bathroom vanity lights feature varying finishes of brass from matte to brushed to glossy. 

These new styles keep it fresh by pairing brass with unexpected black, simple glass shades, and modern shapes. These tend to pair beautifully with natural materials like wood or marble and are surprisingly versatile.

Natural Materials. Pendants, chandeliers, and lamps in materials like rattan, natural stone, and wood will be extremely popular. This trend began in 2020 but will gain in popularity in years to come. 

Rattan and other natural lighting will be popular in 2021

Rattan pendants, in particular, are especially easy to incorporate into many different design styles from bohemian to farmhouse to coastal, among others. Chandeliers with wooden beading are also surprisingly versatile and range in colors from neutral to edgy ombre styles.

Wood Lighting is a trend for 2021

Color. Although neutrals will always be in style, you will be seeing more color in light fixtures this year. From bold blues, to floral patterned shades, and colored glass pendants, this is a perfect way to add interest to your space. If you are hesitant to go all in on this trend, try a muted shade or a sheer colored glass shade.

Art Deco Glam. We are seeing a resurgence of luxurious looking lighting fixtures in crystal, glass, and beading in retro-inspired styles. Unique statement chandeliers that refract light and shine bright are being used as focal points in rooms. Beveled and mosaic glass styles are also great options that give a nod to 1920s style. 

Geometric shapes and glam lighting options will be must-haves in 2021

Geometric shapes. On the other end of the spectrum, you will also see minimalism in lighting in the form of geometric shapes. Simple shapes such as triangular, circular, and rectangular fixtures and globes are classic. The clean lines of cone-shaped pendant lighting or circular chandelier styles will stand the test of time and work with many design styles.

Are you seeing any new lighting trends we didn’t cover here? Please let us know, and we hope you we gave you some style inspiration for your lighting!

- Ashley Turner

White kitchen with trendy rattan pendant light

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